Some things to remember when going to a photo shoot.




If you do choose to do your makeup after you arrive don’t forget to allow an extra 30 minutes!

Here are some tips for doing your own makeup:

  • Lipstick should be at least one shade deeper than usual. Especially if your hair or clothing is black.
  • Avoid frosted light shades of lipstick as it shows up very light and patchy in photos.
  • For the Glamour look, blush and eye makeup should be applied slightly heavier than normal but neatly and precisely.
  • Eye shadow should be a shade lighter so that the eyes are brought forward.



Most people think that boudoir photos mean lingerie or nudity. The truth is, you may choose to include anything you want in your session. You will never be asked to wear anything or pose in anyway that would make you uncomfortable. The list of things you can wear, bring or do is endless!

Here are a few ideas:

Besides just bringing that bra and panty lingerie set, consider…

* Sheer Nightgown
* Sheer Robe
* Anything thin or transparent
* Boy Shorts
* Scarves
* Mini skirt

and maybe:

Something of his or that he gave you:

* His favorite sporting team outfit
* His favorite old shirt
* His hard hat
* His hunting jacket
* His overalls
* His uniform
* His work belt with tools
* The tools of his trade


Some props you might like…

* Any props from home
* Any romantic items
* Candles
* Flowers/Flower petals
* Scarves
* Sun glasses
* Wild jewelry
* Wine bottle & wine glasses
* Your favorite teddy bear
* Strands of beads

The list is endless. Use your imagination and be creative! Think about it from his perspective as you make your decisions.
After all, if this is a gift for him, imagine what he would prefer as you go through the closet.

Quality Photos take some planning, and your choice in clothing is as important as how you wear it.

(Tags should be removed from items where they might be visible. They always show through sheer materials, and many non-sheer materials as well!)

Other tips that might help

On the day of your shoot, have a light meal, so that you feel comfortable during your shoot, but don’t forget to EAT! Having a piece of fruit shortly before the shoot will help give you an energy boost, which you’ll need as posing for each shot does take some effort. Having a bottle of water on hand during the shoot is a good idea too.

If you feel nervous, you are allowed to have a friend at the shoot.  (A girlfriend or sister is often the best choice.) You may even plan to split a session with a friend.

Try to plan your day out in advance, so that time doesn’t ruin your experience: Leave work an hour early; If you have a hair/makeup appointment, book it far enough ahead of your shoot to leave some free time; Leave a little early to get to the appointment; etc. This will help you stay relaxed and stress free for your shoot.

Come to the appointment in loose fitting clothes to reduce the amount of marks on your body. The marks take some time to leave and may waste some of your shooting time. A button up shirt will help keep your hair and makeup undisturbed too. A clear deodorant is also advised to keep clothes free of marks (and also allow you a better range of poses!) Do not wear deodorant or perfume on location shoots as most attract insects!

This is usually a bit of an adventure, so plan well and prepare to have some fun. I am always willing to answer any question so please call or email me if you need to know more.


Very much like preparing for a boudoir shoot, but less so!

In other words, less clothing. Actually I still like to have some lightweight sheer and sexy items on hand for photos of partial nudity and to allow for frontal but more modest posing.
Full exposure is inevitable however, and so make a note that where you shave, that should be touched up for a stubble free appearance.

Nude modeling sessions will still include a range of images for you, from simple portraits, perhaps some boudoir style, through to art nudes and even erotic nudes for some shoots.  Before the shoot we go through a range of images to allow you to visualize some ideas.
Bring a robe to wear between lighting setups. There is of course a bathroom available for makeup application and changing.

If you have anything in particular that might interest you for a shoot theme on the side, just bring what you need for that. I’ve even had a bit of fashion shooting mixed in with my nude shoots.

Be sure to be wearing loose fitting clothing when you come in, so you don’t have those red marks on your skin from socks, bra, or panties. A loose fitting front button 'sun-dress' works especially well to travel to the studio and can be used as a robe on location. We’ll definitely start with nudes while your skin is still unmarked from elastic in your clothing. Later in the shoot you can wear anything you like.

The important thing is that this be fun for all concerned. And somehow it just always turns out to be. With awesome photos to boot!

I provide you a CD of the images that we shoot on the day, or we will have them uploaded to a private website for you to view and select at your convenience. You can then email me the file names of the top 10 to 20 images to be edited for your portfolio, the number depending on whether we shoot for art nudes or for erotic nudes.

After I complete the retouching, the images are then emailed to you.


Your attention needs to stay completely on your modeling and not on what your friend might be thinking or saying, so your partner/friend is usually in another room, but still close enough to be available to apply body lotion or hold a light in a special way, but otherwise should be out of sight and quiet.
The shoot is often 3+ hours, so your escort should come prepared to be either bored to death waiting until we’re finished, or bring a book. (Sometimes they want to join the action though, and that is fine with me, if it's fine with you.)